Douro Valley’s Journey: Douro River Cruises, Authentic Gastronomy, and Scenic Train Rides

In the heart of Douro Valley, a remarkable voyage awaits—private or shared boat rides offering scenic beauty, fine wines, and authentic experiences. Departing from Pinhão to Foz Tua, this expedition promises an immersive exploration.

The journey begins aboard a modern boat on the serene Douro River, surrounded by terraced vineyards from some of the oldest Port producers and wineries like the Symingtons, Royal Oporto, Taylors and Gran Cruz. Tailored for intimate moments or group gatherings, these cruises unveil breathtaking panoramas. As the boat glides, guests enjoy sparkling and port wines, enhancing the enchantment of every vista.

As visitors enter the Tua region, they encounter landscapes that exude a serene ambiance. Upon docking in the quaint old fishing village of Foz Tua, a brief walk leads them to the Tua train station. Here, they can have the opportunity to explore the Centro Interpretativo do Vale do Tua (Museum) and take a leisurely stroll along the historic Tua train tracks, extending toward the Tua dam.

Midday invites a stop at Calça Curta, a beloved traditional restaurant esteemed for its authentic cuisine. Surrounded by vineyards, it offers a true taste of the Douro Valley complemented by panoramic river views—an experience that encapsulates the region’s flavours. Visitors here have the opportunity to savour a varied selection of delicacies, ranging from quality hunted meats like deer or wild boar to the traditional codfish and delightful octopus. These dishes are paired with wines sourced from local producers and winemakers – a genuine showcase of the Douro culinary richness.

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