The Douro Sparkling Wine Route

A Sparkling Route through Lamego and Távora-Varosa: Where Tradition Meets Effervescence

Embarking on the Sparkling Route promises a journey weaving through the historic city of Lamego and the vineyards of the Távora-Varosa wine region. This article unveils the treasures along this route, in the rich tapestry of Lamego’s historic monuments, traditions, and cuisine, while also exploring the enigmatic world of sparkling wine production in Távora-Varosa.

Lamego, millennial historic city

Lamego, a city steeped in history, a living testament to Portugal’s past. Located in the Douro region in northern Portugal, Lamego is known for its historical architecture, monuments, and cultural traditions.

The iconic Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, a baroque masterpiece with its grand staircase and ornate chapels, dominates the skyline, inviting visitors to step back in time.
As the city breathes life into its historic monuments, like the Lamego Cathedral, dated from the XII century based on a gothic style, suffered many changes throughout art periods, or the Castle of Lamego, dated from the X century, assuming a very important role during the muslim invasions becoming a silent witness of political changes in the region, traditions come alive in the vibrant local markets, where artisans showcase centuries-old craftsmanship.
Lamego is also known for its celebrations and cultural traditions, including the São Miguel fair, dating back to the 12th century, and the Procession of Our Lady of Remedies.

Lamego’s Culinary Delights

Lamego’s culinary scene is a celebration of tradition, like the “Bola de Lamego” (meat-filled pastry) and the succulent “Cabrito à Padeiro” (a local specialty featuring succulent roasted kid goat) reflecting the region’s agricultural roots and culinary ingenuity. Local taverns “Tascas” and family-run restaurants offer a warm embrace, inviting visitors to savour some of the authentic flavours of Portugal.
Sparkling wines complements the richness of dishes like “Bacalhau à Brás,” a savoury codfish preparation, and enhances the flavours of local cheeses, like well known and local “Queijos do Paiva”.

Sparkling Wines of Távora-Varosa

Between the Douro and Dão wine areas, is the Távora-Varosa wine region, a haven for sparkling wine enthusiasts. This region benefits from a unique terroir of schist and granite soils and varying altitudes, ideal for cultivating grape varieties that lend themselves to the creation of exceptional sparkling wines.

Visiting the sparkling wine production of Murganheira and Raposeira is testifying a meticulous art, with winemakers mastering the traditional method to create wines of finesse and complexity. The region’s sparkling wines, known locally as “Espumantes,” boast a lively effervescence, crisp acidity, and a harmonious blend of flavours.

From the cobblestone streets of Lamego to the vine-covered “socalcos”, the Sparkling Wine Route invites you to savour the best of both worlds, the historic charm of Lamego with the culinary tradition and the effervescent sparkling wines, that together create an unforgettable gastronomic experience.
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