What to do in Porto: 6 activities to immerse yourself in this city

What to do in Porto: 6 activities to immerse yourself in this city

The city of Porto is special. Anyone who passes by feels that, because this is a place that welcomes anyone with open arms.

In Invicta, a nickname attributed to the strength and resistance of its people, there is a harmonious balance between the parochial spirit and cosmopolitanism.

Thus, Porto is a city that values its traditions while embodying an avant-garde perspective.

Its cultural and historical heritage make this territory one of the most popular destinations in the world. The range of activities is so vast that it may be difficult to build a travel itinerary.

So, to make the most of your stay, we have listed the six best attractions in the city.

From Port wine cellars to gastronomy. In this article, you will discover programs that will allow you to fully absorb the culture of Porto.


1. Visit the Port wine cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia

Don’t get us wrong. Porto is a fantastic city, but its treasure is hidden on the other side of the river.

Before arriving at your table, the famous Port wines mature in Vila Nova de Gaia.

However, the entire winemaking process originates from the unique and genuine Alto Douro Vinhateiro region.

The climatic conditions of this territory allow the conception of grapes with superior quality. However, high temperatures end up harming the essential ripening of Port wine.

Therefore, the wines travel in barrels for more than 100 km to come and age by the sea. The influence of the Atlantic Ocean helps to better preserve this fortified drink.

Today, wine is transported by road. However, in the 18th century, it was the Rabelo boats that carried the barrels down the Douro River.

That said, to learn a little more about the history of Port wines, visit its cellars in Gaia. They are open for visits and tastings daily, including weekends.

If, on the other hand, you want an immersive experience in the genesis of these wines, then please visit the Douro Vinhateiro.

Discover with us one of the oldest wine regions in a luxury and totally private experience.


2. Cross the impressive D. Luís I Bridge

It’s one of those places that will go directly to your cell phone’s gallery.

The D. Luís I bridge is the face of Porto. In any search about the city, whether on the Internet or in books, you will find images of this incredible structure.

It was inaugurated in 1879, having been designed by the French engineer Théophile Seyrig, a disciple of Gustave Eiffel. It is for this reason that this work is so often compared to the Parisian tower.

When crossing it on its upper deck, you will have an enchanting view of the city of Porto and also of Vila Nova de Gaia.

Therefore, take advantage of the evening to visit this magnificent monument and enjoy a stunning sunset.

3. Boat trip on the Douro River

The placid waters of the Douro River are ideal for a pleasant boat trip.

During this trip, you will be able to appreciate the intense cultural landscape that the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia offer.

Many of those who visit Porto choose to sail along the course of the six bridges, already very close to the mouth of the Douro river. It makes perfect sense, because it is a beautiful trip.


However, we invite you to discover the heart of one of the largest rivers in the Iberian Peninsula.

We are talking precisely about the Alto Douro Vinhateiro. A region that has been producing top quality wines for about 2000 years.

Here, you will certainly live a genuine and authentic experience of a Portuguese rural environment.

You can travel the Douro River in a private boat with a completely breathtaking scenery.

While admiring the vastness and sublimity of the terraces, you will have the opportunity to taste a Port wine made in the region itself.

A great escape plan from the hustle and bustle of the city.


4. Climb the Clérigos Tower

o que fazer no Porto by Deltatur
Foto de Ricardo Resende na Unsplash

260 years after its inauguration, the Clérigos Tower continues to be the ex-libris of the city of Porto.

This bell tower is located in a central area, very close to the famous Avenida dos Aliados.

It was designed by the Italian architect Nicolau Nasoni, responsible for creating multiple renowned monuments in Invicta.

Its architecture is part of the late-baroque style, predominant in Europe during the 18th century.

After being inaugurated in 1763, it became the home of the Brotherhood of Clerics.

Initially, the main function of the tower was to mark the hours through the bells.

Currently, it is recognized for being one of the most spectacular viewpoints in the city of Porto.

You can visit this majestic building daily. We warn you right away that reaching its top is only for the strongest, as there are 225 spiral steps to the top.

However, the 75 meters high will offer an incredible panoramic view of the Douro River and its banks.


5. Contemplate the historic São Bento Station

Those who pass by cannot resist entering and those who enter are lost in its magnificence.

São Bento station is one of the most beautiful in the world. So says Architectural Digest, an internationally renowned magazine on architecture and design.

This building receives hundreds of people daily. Some of them to use the train as a means of transport, others just to admire this symbol of the city of Porto.

Its current version was officially inaugurated in 1916, having been designed by the architect José Marques da Silva.

Inside, you’ll find an atrium with walls lined with more than 20,000 tiles. This work of art, by Jorge Colaço, represents important episodes in the history of Portugal.

Currently, the São Bento station serves the Aveiro line and also the Minho line (Braga and Guimarães). However, there is a third railroad that we must highlight.

The Douro line offers one of the most fascinating train journeys in Portugal.

From São Bento station to Pocinho station, you will discover several secluded places.

On a part of the route you will have the privileged company of the Douro river, with the various farms and extensive vineyards on the horizon.

Make the most of it and make a stop at the Douro Vinhateiro. Get to know the Port wine region like no one else through our luxury tours, totally exclusive.


6. Taste the typical dishes of Porto

To end a day on a high note, nothing better than immersing yourself in Porto’s culture through its gastronomy.

This city, like the north of Portugal, has an incalculable richness when it comes to cuisine.

First of all, we are going to recommend the most popular dish for all those who visit the city of Porto. We refer, logically, to the francesinha.

This is a kind of sandwich made with bread, egg, cheese and different types of meat. It is accompanied by an intense and sometimes spicy sauce made with beer and tomatoes.

The francesinha is usually accompanied by french fries and goes well with a cold beer.

But beware, this delicacy is not for sensitive stomachs – its caloric value exceeds 1300 kcal.

In addition to francesinha, you should also try the famous tripas à moda do Porto. This is a dish full of history, as it has been made since the 15th century.

At that time, thousands of Portuguese left on caravels to discover the world.

For this reason, the kingdom requested the best meats to supply the large number of sailors.

Thus, in the city of Porto, only the odds and ends were left and the population had to adapt to guarantee subsistence.

In this way, beans were added to the rest of the meat that was left, and this very special dish was born.

Interestingly, its name, a few years later, gave the nickname of the Porto people as “tripeiros”.

Having said that, when tasting these delicacies, you are traveling through the history of Porto people and the city itself.



Travel from Porto to Douro Vinhateiro with Deltatur

Throughout this article, you could see that we have a special feeling for the Douro Vinhateiro region.

We have no doubt that Porto is, without a doubt, the best city in the world to visit.

However, only when you get to know the Douro Valley will you have a complete and immersive experience of this culture.

The good news is that you can do it the best way.

Live the privilege of discovering the Douro with those who know it well, in a luxury and totally exclusive experience.

If you are staying in Porto, we guarantee your transport to the Douro Valley, in a comfortable and private way.

If you have already booked a cruise on the Douro, we can meet you at one of the disembarkation piers in this region.

Come and feel the calm and serenity of the Douro Wine Region, in a welcoming and refined atmosphere.

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