What to do in the Douro: 20 activities for an incredible holiday

What to do in the Douro: 20 activities for an incredible holiday

Still, deciding on your holiday destination? If you are looking for a well-deserved rest away from the confusion and routine, then you may want to visit Douro.

In this corner of northern Portugal, you will find a peaceful and serene environment, where you can enjoy every second of your day.

Besides this being the ideal place to recharge your batteries, Douro has an endless wealth of heritage and culture.

Therefore, there are a number of experiences ready to provide good vibes during your holidays.

That said, to make your life easier, we provide these 20 incredible tips on what to do in Douro.


1. Douro boat trip

The placid and shimmering waters of the Douro River invite you for a pleasant boat trip.

Sailing to the mouth of Tua is one of the best experiences to live during your Douro holidays.

On this tour, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the bucolic landscape around you, composed of vast terraces and extensive vineyards.


2. Travelling by train in the Douro railway

Trem no Douro Deltatur Tourism Activities Portugal

The Douro railway is probably the most charming line in Portugal and one of the most beautiful in the world.

The stretch between Peso da Régua and the Tua station surprises anyone with its surrounding landscape.

Throughout this train journey you will be accompanied by the Douro River and the thousands of vineyards planted here.


3. Visit its secular Quintas

If you are going to visit the Douro, you must know the place where Port wine is born. The quintas are, along with the wine, the biggest attraction of this region.

Given their relevance to the history of this territory, these large rural properties have their doors open to visitors.

In these activities, you will tour the vineyards and get to know the cellar where the best wines in the world are produced.


4. Taste the famous Port wine

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Imagine drinking a glass of Port wine while stepping on the soil where everything originates.

Sounds like a good plan for an incredible Douro holiday, don’t you agree?

In the various Douro estates you can taste the fruity flavours of Ruby or the woody aroma of a Tawny.


5. Participate in the iconic grape harvests

They are the great celebration of Douro culture.

Every year, during the month of September, the Douro Wine Region receives thousands of people to participate in this tradition.

The various estates in the Douro create special programmes for the harvest season.

Imagine the privilege of being part of the harvest and treading the grapes of the best vintages in the world. All this during your holidays in the Douro.


6. Dive into Douro gastronomy

They say that one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a culture is by tasting its gastronomy.

If you are planning to visit the Douro, you cannot let the opportunity to taste its delicacies pass you by.

In the region’s typical restaurants you can enjoy the traditional roast kid or, if you are a fish fan, a good grilled codfish.


7. Picnic in communion with nature

Enjoying a delicious meal in the midst of nature is an excellent plan for a holiday in the Douro.

Some farms in the region have special programmes for picnics where all you have to do is show up, sit down and eat.

On a sunny day, nothing better than visiting the Douro and having happy moments as a family or as a couple.


8. Delight yourself in premium restaurants

We are in no doubt when we tell you that the Douro is the epicentre of savoury flavours.

Besides its local restaurants, this region is also home to excellent places with exquisite cuisine.

During your holiday in the Douro Wine Region, try dishes meticulously prepared by the most renowned Portuguese chefs.


9. Tasting the region’s olive oil

It is true that Port wine is the great calling card of the Douro.

However, it is also true that this is a place of intense flavours. Olive oil is one of them.

After the vines, olive trees are the most common species in this region.

From the thousands of trees grow olives capable of producing a superior quality olive oil.

So, besides the wines, the food and the landscapes, you have another good argument for booking a holiday in the Douro.


10. Tasting Favaios Moscatel

It was in the town of Favaios, in the municipality of Alijó, that a nectar appeared that would become immensely popular in Portugal.

Moscatel wine is a sweet fortified drink produced with Moscatel grapes. Just like port, it is ideal to drink with desserts and aperitifs.

Try the Moscatel of Favaios during your holidays in the Douro!


11. Snacking on local cheeses and sausages

And to accompany a good Muscat of Favaios, nothing better than the local cheeses and sausages.

The Douro people are masters in the confection of tasty hams and sausages, as well as in the production of divine cheeses.

When visiting the Douro, try these regional delicacies in the various restaurants and taverns.


12. Learn about the region’s history at the Douro Museum

Because “living without knowing the past is living in the dark”.

If you are still planning your holiday, add stopping by this museum to the list “What to do in the Douro?”

Because the Alto Douro Wine Region has almost 2000 years of history in the production of the best wines.

This way, you will get to know the genesis of the Douro people in a journey between the classic and the contemporary.


13. Off-road jeep tours

The Douro has as its brand image its high and schistose hills, ideal for a magnificent jeep tour.

Dare to live an off-road adventure, where you will get to know places hidden and unreachable by most vehicles.


14. Travel the Douro by Quad Bikes

If you are visiting the Douro and you are a fan of speed and adrenaline, this is the ideal programme for you.

Explore the region’s best kept secrets aboard a Moto 4 ATV Motorbike.

You can do it in the company of a local guide or in total freedom, the decision is yours.


15. Admire the idyllic scenery at the miradouros

In this sublime place, every road sign marked “miradouro” points the way to a “suspended paradise”.

If you are visiting the Douro, then take a shortcut to the best views of this region, considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One of them is the Casal de Loivos viewpoint. According to BBC London, this place is one of the most amazing landscapes in the world.

Here the challenge will be to resist not taking a picture!


16. Discover the historic wine-growing villages

The wine-growing villages are the essence of the local culture.

These places have been inhabited for hundreds of years by a humble people who have built a region through their hard work.

Set off on an adventure and discover magnificent places such as the village of Provesende. It is located less than 30 minutes drive from Pinhão.


17. Venture out on hiking trails

Are you a fan of trekking and are you going to spend your holidays in the Douro? Be aware that you have some absolutely phenomenal hiking trails at your disposal.

As you walk along the banks of the River Douro, you will come across an exceptional setting for the fascinating farms surrounded by terraces.

One of our recommendations is the PR2 Lamego Trail, known as the Port Wine Paths. It has a length of almost 7 km and a duration of 3h30 minutes.


18. Driving on the best road in the world

Haven’t we given you enough ideas on what to do in the Douro? Don’t worry, we will show you more.

Did you know that one of the best roads in the world to drive belongs to this region?

We’re talking about the stretch of EN222 that connects Peso da Régua to Pinhão, winner of an international competition in 2015.

Whether on two or four wheels, hit the asphalt and enjoy the incredible natural painting that is the Douro.


19. Enjoy the tiles of the Pinhão train station

If you admire art on tiles, here’s what to do in Douro – head to Pinhão train station. We promise you’ll love this place.

The exterior walls of this train station are covered with 3047 azulejos divided into 24 panels.

Each of these panels depicts the historical production of Port wines, as well as some of the Douro’s iconic locations.


20. Selfie at the Peso da Régua Metal Bridge

The good times spent on holiday in the Douro call for great memories.

Nothing better than recording these moments for eternity with a selfie on the metal bridge in Peso da Régua.

This structure positioned over the Douro River was commissioned in the 19th century by King Luís I.

Today, it plays host to thousands of visitors, not only to admire the incredible landscape, but also to register it in photographs.


Discover the Douro Wine Valley with Deltatur

We are true lovers of this region and that is why we are keen to show you its essence.

In this sublime place, far away from stress and confusion, you will find the rest you so richly deserve.

Together with this escape from routine, when you book a tour with us, you will also live a luxurious and exclusive experience.

You will get to know the roots of the Douro in a totally comfortable and private way.

Book still today the good moments of your holidays in Douro.

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